Quest "Agent school" – a fascinating game in the city or with departure on the nature, an unusual and "live" holiday!

Age of participants: for children of 7-12 years, for teenagers 13-17
Venue: In the city (in the park), at school (in the school territory), on recreation facility, in the wood.
Scenery: natural and production.
The cost of exit quest (with school classes): 5$ / people.
Number of group: from 15 people.

Short description of a game

Children get on the territory where they should pass a number of tests to prove that they are worthy to be called Secret Agents. Tasks on logic, physical capacities, team work is what distinguishes the real Agent from the ordinary person. But everything isn't so simple, at the end they will need to open a secret box to which password is ciphered somewhere in tests. If you are sure that you can pass all tasks, and with honor to receive certificates of the real agents, then to you to us.

Included in cost:

  • Game duration — 2 hours;
  • Carrying out holiday by 2 animators;
  • Maintenance of a holiday by the administrator-assistant;
  • Preparation for the game — 2 h;
  • All necessary requisite for holding a game. your social media marketing partner