Quest "Harry Potter" – a fascinating game in the city or with departure on the nature, an unusual and "live" holiday!

Age of participants: for children of 7-12 years
Location: In the city (in the park), at school (in the school territory), based on rest, in the wood.
Scenery: natural and production.
The cost of exit quest (with school classes): 5$ / people.
Number of group: from 15 people.

Short description of a game

Children receive the letter from Hogwards:
"Dear children!
The school of sorcery and magic "Hogwarts" and all magic world is in danger again.
You received this letter because we very need your help!
The supporters of the Dark Lord who hid for a while conceived to turn the course of history. They stole a flywheel of time from department of Secrets and returned to the past. If they manage to prevent Harry Potter to win a victory over Voldemort, our world will die! Only you will be able to prevent them!
Rather! It is impossible to hesitate minute!
By means of other flywheel of time I will also send you to the beginning of story about Harry Potter, and there everything depends on you!
Yours faithfully,
Principal of magic and sorcery "Hogwarts",
Minerva Magonagall!

After the letter is read, saving transaction begins. Children should pass different tests to help Hogwarts.

Included in cost:

  • Game duration — 2 hours;
  • Carrying out holiday by 2 animators;
  • Maintenance of a holiday by the administrator-assistant;
  • Preparation for a game — 2 h;
  • All necessary detail for holding a game. your social media marketing partner