Country / region: Russia, the Subpolar Urals;
Type of tourism: car;
Level of training: driving license of category "B";
Group size: from 10 people;
Duration: 8 days;
Tour cost: by inquiry (two look: with the ATV, with the leased ATV);
Type of the equipment: ATV;
Extent: 450 km.

Organizers provide during the expedition:

  • instructor maintenance throughout all route;
  • automaintenance the go-anywhere vehicle and by truck throughout a mountain part of a route;
  • insurance of participants (an insurance from accident);
  • delivery of gasoline and the organization of refuellings during an expedition;
  • the emergency evacuation of the injured participant to the next settlement;
  • accommodation and food throughout all route (except Bedkash base);
  • transportation of the equipment by the barge;
  • loading and unloading of the equipment from the barge;
  • providing repair base in Saranpaule in separate coordination;
  • evacuation of the equipment in separate coordination.

Participants and conditions of carrying out expedition

This expedition isn't sports a competition and achievement of high high-speed results doesn't set as the purpose. The main thing – participants of an expedition have to pass the route without emergency situations, showing mutual understanding, organization and mutual assistance.

It is possible to participate in an expedition both on the equipment, and on technology of maintenance (the number of places is limited).

Each citizen of Russia, foreign guests having the skills of control of the ATV, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle knowing the equipment and able to make small technical repairs, tolerantly relating to extreme conditions of a run, which have reached age of 18 years can participate in an expedition.

Each participant of an expedition has to realize risks at which he puts the health by means of participation in an expedition, and bears full responsibility for the life, health, integrity of the equipment.

The participant specified in the application bears full responsibility for the equipment on which he participates in an expedition and has to make independently necessary maintenance before an expedition and start in a mountain stage on technically serviceable equipment.

Each participant has to have the following documents:

  1. The passport or the document replacing it;
  2. Insurance medical policy of obligatory medical insurance of citizens;
  3. The certificate of the tractor operator-driver with open category A, is minimum – the driver's license of category B (car) – for a mountain part.
  4. ATVs, motorcycles, cars of SbS and go-anywhere vehicles of all brands are allowed to participation in an expedition.

Existence of the following equipment and accessories is obligatory for each participant:

  1. helmet;
  2. medical first-aid kit;
  3. lamp;
  4. towing cable.
  5. GPS navigator;
  6. radio station of the range of 400-470 MHz.

Organizers of an expedition don't bear responsibility to participants of a run:

  • in case of their discharge from participation in an action by bodies of the state control for a cause of infringement participants of the legislation of the Russian Federation, including lack of necessary documents;
  • for damage caused by the participant in relation to the third parties throughout an expedition;
  • for damage caused to the participant by the third parties during an expedition.

the Movement in a column

Each participant of an expedition has to understand and realize the personal responsibility for himself and for the companions on a route, if necessary quickly come to the rescue of other participants of an expedition.

All participants need to carry out the orders of the head of group (or directing, going or going on water in a column the first) concerning an order of passing of a route, difficult sites, etc.

At the movement on a route it is forbidden to overtake the leader (except for emergency cases). During the movement of a column it isn't recommended without need to stop, pass forward itself bringing up the rear.

To show special attention at the movement on dangerous sites of a route (to banks and rifts, when crossing water barriers, when passing sites with strong longitudinal or cross height differences, etc.).

Order of submission of applications and payment of participation

  1. Applications for participation in an expedition are accepted to 6/15/2017 years inclusive. Organizers have the right to finish ahead of schedule order taking on achievement of the maximum quorum of participants. Organizers set the maximum limit of participants on the discretion.
  2. The application for participation in a run needs to be submitted in a free form to organizing committee for e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  3. It is necessary to specify in the application:
    1. number of participants;
    2. Full name (completely);
    3. date of birth;
    4. passport data;
    5. contact information (phone and e-mail);
    6. brand and model of the equipment;
    7. need of movement for an expedition on technology of maintenance.

Corrected also restrictions during a run

Strictly forbidden

  • To operate the equipment in alcohol intoxication or under the influence of narcotic substances;
  • To transfer control of the equipment to the persons which haven't reached majority.

Implementation of requirements of the Organizer, police officers, GIMS and Gostekhnadzor is obligatory.

For violation the participant is discharged of further participation in an expedition.

Organizers reserve the right to remove from a run of any participant for non-compliance with conditions of these regulations. The authoritative opinion of Organizers is defining.

Detailed description of a tour:

0 day

Preparation for departure.
12:00 – start of a mountain stage of an expedition. Transition to the site Zolotoshor. Spending the night.
~ 70 km

1 day

9:00 – start of transition to the foot of the mountain M. Chender, breakdown of the field camp, a dinner, spending the night in tents.
~ 70 km

2 day

9:00 – start of transition to the lake Balbanty, installation of the base camp. Spending the night in tents.
~ 50 km

3 day

Day of rest (reserve). Spending the night in tents.

4 day

9:00 – start of transition to the bottom of Mount Narodnaya, ascension, return to the base camp. Dinner. Summing up expedition. Preparation for departure of groups. Spending the night in tents.
of 30 km on the equipment and 10 km ascension descent.

5 day

Division of participants of an expedition and start of motion of groups into Inta and Saranpaul.
The participants who have left on Inta spend the night in the city. Participants to Saranpaul – on the site Zolotoshor.

6 day

Return to Saranpaul. Loading of the equipment on the barge of PJSC Sosvapromgeologiya to Priobye. Barge start of motion.

7 day

Flying away of participants of an expedition from Saranpaul to Priobye or Beryozovo upon the schedule of trip helicopters (now it is unknown).
Arrival of the barge with ATVs in Priobye. Spending the night in Priobye.

8 day

Unloading of the barge and loading of kvadr on a car and their departure to Yekaterinburg. your social media marketing partner