Location: the open area with the prepared stages.
Duration of the program: 2–2,5–3 hours.
Cost: pays off individually for each organization.
Groups – from 10 people.


The English expression of "team building" in a literal translation means formation (construction) of team. The collective possessing high degree of unity is capable to solve problems of any level of complexity with the minimum time expenditure and the maximum results.

Achievement of the called purpose is promoted by the team building techniques which have come to the Russian companies from practice of foreign. These techniques represent a complex of various trainings for the employees directed to optimization of interaction between personnel, understanding of a solidarity of purpose (tasks) and to close unity of collective.

Thus, team building – the most popular and fashionable model of work with employees allowing to turn collective into team of adherents.

Main objectives

  • Unity of collective;
  • The analysis of the relations of participants urged to reveal a role of everyone;
  • Growth of efficiency of collective work;
  • Minimization of stressful influences (fatigue) and increase of motivation.

the Main program of team building from «Adventure World»

The main program of team building from «Adventure World» consists from three gradually becoming complicated on loading and group coordination of the levels which are conditionally called «easy» , «average» , «difficult». Stages of competitions every time are selected individually, depending on wishes of the Customer and features of the platform of action.

For achievement of additional degree of efficiency the Team building program can be submitted as various plots of active games quests ("Adventures of pirates", "Construction of the magic city", "Treasure-hunters" and others). The game reality reached at the same time allows participants to plunge absolutely easy into process that, in turn, promotes creation of great mood and receiving a large amount of positive emotions.

Average quantity of 12 - 15 stages.

Time of passing of each stage – 15 min.

Description of stages. 1 level – Easy

the 2nd level – Average

the 3rd level – Difficult

Interaction between members of group in in full contact

  1. Hang up a ring;
  2. Pulling of a rope (at team competition);
  3. weight;
  4. Letter "A";
  5. Carbines;
  6. Konveer (Crocodile);
  7. Web;
  8. Pautika-koridor;
  9. Triangle (Electric fence);
  10. Falling on trust;
  11. Hammock.

Additional stages

At the request of the customer the program of team building can include additional stages - a paintball, laser tag, a water stage on kayaks or catamarans, the top and lower rope course and a dzhamping * (on the prepared platforms of the Demidovsky Estate base and a tourist camping "the Stone Omutna" on the river Chusovaya).

* the Top rope course consists of high exercises. High exercises are exercises of a personal call, with the maximum support of team.

High exercises are carried out at the height of 4-15 m from the earth with an obligatory climbing insurance and aren't obligatory exercises for all participants.
Taken part learn to take consciously the risk, to set before itself the purposes and to reach them, develop confidence in own forces, gain skills to overcome the fears, and also to support each other in critical situations.
The lower rope course consists of exercises on a vyota of 0,5-1,5 m from the earth.

Also physical stages of team building can be united with various psychological and intellectual tasks.

the List of the main services provided by "the World of Adventures"

  • The prepared platform;
  • Work of instructor structure and technicians;
  • Equipment and stock for carrying out.


  • The skilled instructor structure which has had special training;
  • Professional climbers-spidermen;
  • The qualitative checked equipment and stock;
  • A constant insurance of participants of training at height;
  • Medical maintenance of action (the doctor on a glade).

Additional options

  1. command attributes with company symbolics: t-shirts, polo, bandanas, baseball caps, jackets windbreakers, etc.;
  2. rent of the sound equipment, speech of actors and "live" group;
  3. a company banner on a glade;
  4. polygraphy (badges, certificates) with company symbolics;
  5. the evening program or a barbecue with the leader and music;
  6. food;
  7. transfer;
  8. rent of tourist equipment;
  9. souvenir products;
  10. photoreport and video filming of action;
  11. festive decoration of the platform.

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