Country / region: Russia, the Middle Urals
Type of tourism: pedestrian tourism
Level of training: any
Group size: from 15 people
Duration: 1 day
Tour cost: 300 rubles
Route thread: Nizhny Tagil – Blue Lakes – Nizhny Tagil

The nearest station Anatolsky group Blue Lakes - Nickel. The first of lakes – the biggest and picturesque, the most visited. Coast of the lake steep, descent to water are only in several places. Water bluish-green, transparent, cold.

The second group of Blue lakes is in 5 kilometers from the first. She is less visited, more stony. As soon as pits were left by workers, on pits there were divers who have given to these lakes new names – Azure, the Triton, Hurghada.

As in lakes extracted asbestos, dumps of breeds were enormous. For receiving 1 ton of fiber it is required to take 50 tons of mountain weight. Asbestos in translation from Greek means "inexhaustible", "unextinguishable". Other, not less romantic name — "mountain flax" because asbestos is split on the thinnest long fibers. In the Urals in ancient times asbestos called stone tows from which weaved the napkins and cloths which aren't burning on fire.

The lake Azure differs from other career lakes in azure color of water. This favourite place of trainings of divers of N. Tagil, Yekaterinburg and all Sverdlovsk region. Depth in lakes rather big, in some places reaches 60 meters. Depth of the smallest pit Hurghada – 30 m

Career lake Triton. It is very convenient for swimming.

Program of carrying out:

  1. Acquaintance;
  2. Having a snack at a fire;
  3. 1st animation part (team building elements / outdoor games);
  4. Lunch;
  5. 2nd animation part (team building elements / outdoor games).

Included in the price:

  • maintenance by instructors on an extent of all tour;
  • hire of the equipment.


  • The price is valid only for school students;
  • Time of arrival is coordinated with managers;
  • Quests can be in addition held;
  • The transfer is discussed with managers;
  • The list of stages is discussed with customers or is formed to the discretion of organizers. your social media marketing partner