Piracy quest for children of 7-12 years
Piracy quest "Treasure map" – a fascinating game in the city or with departure on the nature, an unusual and "live" holiday!
Location: In the city (in the park), at school (in the school territory), on recreation facility, in the wood.
Scenery: natural and production.
The cost of exit quest (with school classes): 300 rubles / people.
Number of group: from 15 people.

Short description of the game:

Dedication in pirates (Cheerful starts):

"Hello, children! We with the team floated on searches of treasures and were wrecked. We have repaired the ship, but have lost a half of team therefore now we look for the brave and skillful pirates ready to go with us to a meeting to adventures! Do you want to join?
Old Morgan has told that not all will be able to float on the treasure island but only the most courageous and strong! The pirate it is impossible to become – they need to be born. Now we will look whether blood of the real old salts flows in your veins! For this purpose we will undergo with you dedication in pirates".

Participants pass 6 tests by results of which are devoted in Pirates.

Searches of the treasure map:

"Now you are the most real pirates and are ready to move off in searches of treasure. The old rascal Captain Morgan has hidden a treasure in one reliable place and not to forget where he, has ciphered the name in the logbook, has drawn the map. At first he wanted to put it in a box, but then was frightened: what will be if she gets into strange hands? Then he cut her on small pieces and has hidden. Now we know what you dexterous and clever therefore we are sure that you will cope with all tasks, will find all pieces of the card, will stick together them and will find the treasures".

Finding one for another hints and guessing them, the team performs different tasks and finds 6 parts of the card. The card reveals a secret where the treasure is hidden.

The price includes the quest:

  • Game duration — 2 hours;
  • Carrying out holiday by 2 animators;
  • Maintenance of a holiday by the administrator-assistant;
  • Preparation for the game — 2 h;
  • All necessary requisite for holding a game (networks, a web, etc.).

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