Country / region: Russia, the Middle Urals;
Type of tourism: car;
Level of training: driving license of category "B";
Group size: from 3 people;
Duration: 3 days;
Tour cost:
– Cost on the person on condition of "two persons on a snowmobile" – 382$
– Cost on the person on condition of "one person on a snowmobile" – 535$
Type of the equipment: snowmobile.

On the Scripture stone of the river Chusovaya (the district of the village of Ekva) the Memorable cross established according to Nikita Akinfiyevich Demidov's instructions in 1779 is located.

The river Chusovaya approaches a historical and geological nature sanctuary – a stone Hand-written. The stone is called in honor of the birth of the son Akinfiya Demidov. On the plane of a wall the cross is cut. Relief depth – to 22 cm.

Cross height – 2 m 15 cm, width – 1 m 55 cm. Earlier a lot of time was required to find this image on the rock. The expedition of the Sverdlovsk architectural institute in 1978 has carried out measurement of a cross and clearing of a relief from a moss and other vegetation. On a cross the inscription is beaten out: "Against this cross on other side of the river, on a meadow where it is given stone up as a bad job with an inscription: 1724 of September of the 8th day on this place was born at the state valid adviser of Akinfiya Nikitich Demidov that then was the nobleman, the son Nikita, the councilor of state and Saint Stanislav's gentleman, – is given that up as a bad job at the request of him. 1779 of May of 31 numbers..." On the opposite coast the unique monument on Chusovaya – the memorable cross executed from an integral stone is established: 165 cm high, 930 cm wide, together with a pedestal (a plate and two raw stones); height of a cross reaches 2 m 60 cm. On the party turned to the river, the cross has almost same inscription, as on a stone.

Nikita Akinfiyevich Demidov was born on September 8, 1724 on the river bank of Chusovaya during a way of his parents from Tula to Siberia. Since youth has shown interest in family business and in 19 years possessed a remarkable business grasp and necessary knowledge in the field of mining and metallurgy.

The inherited plants, unlike the brother Prokofiya, Nikita not only hasn't lost, but also has increased, having constructed three new. In general, his business activity was very successful: total productivity of the plants belonging to him exceeded production of cast iron and iron at all plants of his father to their section by successors.

He has begun to collect by the first of Demidov a collection of art and historical values. Spent large sums for training of young talents. Many serf artists according to his instruction have been directed to study to Moscow and to St. Petersburg, in Imperial Academy of Arts, abroad.

The grand duke Pyotr Fedorovich, being a successor of a throne, repeatedly borrowed money at Demidov and has granted him the Annensky tape he "has assigned it to himself on death of the empress Elizabeth Petrovna". Soon after accession to the throne of Peter III Demidov has lost an arrangement to himself the sovereign and has been deprived of the award granted to him, but Catherine II has returned him an award St. Annas, at the same time has made in a rank of the councilor of state, but has forbidden to use it on service without personalized decree. As the landowner and the manufacturer, Demidov differed in stern temper and even cruelty.

Demidov has died on December 16, 1789. It is buried in the manor of Petrovskom-Knyazhishcheve situated near Moscow in church Saint Pyotr.

In the summer to a memorable cross it is possible to reach down the river, having organized alloy. Unfortunately in the winter it can't be made. The winter road to a monument differs from summer a little.

Detailed description of a tour:

The first day:

  • 10:00 – Start from GRTs "White";
  • 12:30 – the Stop of Visimo-Utkinsk;
  • 13:00 – Lunch;
  • 17:00 – Arrival on Baronskaya base, placement;
  • 18:00 – Dinner;
  • 20:00 – the Evening program: competitions, games;
  • 23:00 – the Release in free time.

The second day:

  • 10:00 – Start from the village Ust-Utka;
  • 11:00 – Stop. Squash (uninhabited, parking of 5 minutes);
  • 13:00 – Arrival on a stone Painted;
  • 13:30 – Lunch, a tea drinking;
  • 13:40 – Departure to the village Ust-Utka;
  • 17:00 – Arrival on Baronskaya base;
  • 18:00 – Dinner;
  • 19:00 – Bath;
  • 21:00 – the Evening program: competitions, games;
  • 23:00 – the Release in free time.

The third day:

  • 10:00 – Start from Baronskaya base;
  • 13:30 – the Stop of Visimo-Utkinsk;
  • 14:00 – Lunch;
  • 17:00 – Arrival on GRTs "White";
  • 18:00 – Departure in Nizhny Tagil;

The price includes:

  • rent of snowmobiles;
  • rent of protective equipment for over-snow rest (we send);
  • Fuel and lubricants;
  • services of the guide-instructor;
  • insurance upon accident for 1563$
  • three meals a day;
  • accommodation on Baronskaya base;
  • services of the cook.

The price is NOT include:

  • Transfer to GRTs "White".

The recommended personal equipment:

  • alpine skiing overalls;
  • layered clothing set;
  • warm gloves (mittens);
  • a warm jacket with a hood;
  • warm winter boots;
  • boot covers (or gaiters);
  • balaclava (wind-shelter mask);
  • sunglasses (it is possible alpine skiing);
  • socks warm (3 couples);
  • socks cotton (2 couples);
  • t-shirt;
  • a sweater warm with a high collar;
  • personal ware (KLMN – a mug, a spoon, a bowl, a knife);
  • matches;
  • personal care products (+ bathing accessories);
  • small lamp nalobny (+ set of spare batteries);
  • personal first-aid kit;
  • camera, video camera (at will).

Features of over-snow rest:

  • the route doesn't demand special physical training;
  • existence of warm clothes and footwear is obligatory;
  • the participant has to be ready to a winter travel, not be afraid of marching conditions, and weather adversities in the conditions of winter. your social media marketing partner