Location: the open area with the prepared stages (Spartak, Demidovsky Estate or, for choice, in your territory)
Program duration: 2 – 3 hours
Carrying out cost: 300-400 rubles from the person
Groups to 10 people

Scenarios of lazertag

"Capture of a control point"

The main objective of teams – to take and as long as possible to hold control points, without admitting to them the opponent. Capture is made by a shot in the sensor of the device (control point) then light-emitting diodes on him gain color of the team which has captured him. The control point automatically "considers" deduction time during a round. At the end of a round the point begins to blink in color of winning team and to make characteristic sounds.

«Team Deathmatch»

It is ordered to your team to perform combat operation with the purpose to find and destroy group of the rival. You remember: the same is entrusted to them. Work in team, cover brothers on weapon, battle to the last boss! Yes let will win against the strongest in this fight to the death!

  • after virtual death the player expects the termination of a round in the agreed place;
  • "dead" players have not right to communicate both with the, and with enemy team;
  • that team which managed to destroy group of the rival completely wins. *

* if after time allowed for a round in both teams still there were "living" fighters, the instructor (judge) gives a precautionary whistle. It means that until the end of a round there was one minute upon termination of which fight is won by that team at which more players have survived.

"Capture of a flag"

Participants are divided into two equal teams and disperse on the bases. Each team on base has a first-aid kit and a flag of the corresponding color. The task — to take a flag of the opponent and to bring him on the base. This scenario is considered one of the most dynamic as a game takes place in the mode of non-stop. 

  • the "dead" player can revive only on the basis of the team;
  • if the player was killed, and he at the same time flew a flag of team of the opponent, the banner is put on the earth on the place of virtual death;
  • if after the death of the player the flag is selected by his team mate, then he continues to carry him on the base;
  • if the colors are hoisted by the team player whose banner has been stolen – the flag respectively comes back to base.

To exclude cases when the banner gets stuck in an inaccessible point, after certain time the lying flag also comes back to base.


Over the wood the plane has been shot down, transporting arms prototypes. In a box the GPS transmitter for tracking of his location lay. It is entrusted to your group to find and return this valuable freight. The problem is that the transmitter has been cracked and the crashes of steel given about the place are known to group of mercenaries which hunts for innovative developments of arms worldwide long ago.

  • two teams participate in a game;
  • location of freight is known to both teams – it is at identical distance from bases of contradictory groups;
  • freight pretty heavy – it isn't excluded that he will need to be carried either together, or in turn;
  • game purpose: to destroy enemy group or to deliver freight to the base.

The balance of forces in this scenario unequal: 70% – military, 30% – mercenaries. Mercenaries are better armed and have more points of health.


Each player begins with three chervonets. When the player is killed, he has to rise and hold a coin on an outstretched arm. The one who will reach a coin the first takes away her. After that the "dead" player can continue to play, having revived at the cemetery. Revival cost – one chervonets. What do expect you – death or wealth?

  • each player at the beginning of the game has 3 coins;
  • after virtual death the player holds a coin on an outstretched arm – the first of participants who will manage to reach him, takes away an award;
  • each player has the right to revive at one of cemeteries: the cost of revival makes 1 coin which the player has to give to the judge who is on a revival point;
  • that player who after time allowed for a game has more coins wins.

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