Location: the open area with the prepared stages (Spartak, Demidovsky Estate or, for choice, in your territory)
Program duration: 2 – 2,5 – 3 hours
Carrying out cost: 1.62$ from the person
Equipment rental: 0.049$ – a ball
Groups – from 10 people.

As well as in any game, in a paintball there are rules and scenarios of a game. There is even a special international standard of rules of the game in a paintball. You can study and further adhere to them at a game, but, on the other hand, if you just have decided to play to have a good time, then knowledge of all standards isn't obligatory. However, we consider that information in this section will be useful to all players as it contains the basic rules and scenarios of a game. And so, for a start let's look at scenarios of a game, and then we will pass to rules of a paintball.

Scenarios of team games

of a game as he defines further process of "battles". If you are a fan of a paintball, then with this business is far easier for you, than beginners. However, we will assume that you don't know scenarios. Well, we want to explain this question a little. The matter is that in a paintball, as well as in any fighting, there are ideas and cunnings. As a rule, all players are divided into two equal teams, as a part of each of which not less than 5 people. Such division is considered the most popular though, of course, not obligatory. And now let's look at scenarios of a game.

Scenario 1. Storm of a fort

Setsnary of a game during which there is a storm of a fort is one of unique in a paintball. In this scenario the game field represents the specially allotted forest territory which can be equipped as natural shelters and strengthenings (for example, bushes, trees), and artificial constructions (for example, various camouflage boards, tires, entrenchments, etc.). The first team – team of special troops. The purpose of this team – storm of a fort, she should take the building under the control, having shown at the same time resistance to terrorists. From here also appointment of other team – team of terrorists appears. Their task is in showing worthy resistance to the opponent, having managed to hold at the same time in the building (in our case it is a fort) the hostage. Of course, roles of teams can be changed.

Scenario 2. "Wall on a wall"

Each team just needs to strike all opponents. The team which has lost all players loses a game. In such scenario application of such tactics is recommended: two should win over one and then to pass to the following opponent

Scenario 3. Capture of a flag

The most popular and most widespread kind of a paintball is the game "Capture of a Flag". It is played everywhere where play a paintball: in vacation spots, at club meetings and competitions, both indoors, and in the open air. Players are divided into teams, usually into two. Each team takes place of start (without flag) and a flag on this place.

To win a game your team has to take (to take) a flag of other team and to bring it back, on your base of a flag. The recommended playing time: 15 minutes at games with several new players on small fields, 25 minutes at the number of participants to 30 people, 35 minutes for games over 30 players. Note: in all cases the recommended time is approximate and often depends on the sizes of the field, experience of players and their quantity.

Scenario 4. Capture of a fort

In essence this type of the scenario reminds capture of a fort and by that it is similar to the first scenario which we have described above. However, there are also differences. The matter is that at such scenario, as a rule, one team has numerical advantage. And one team is made of agents of safety here, and the second team is made of thieves. The team of thieves has a small overweight. The game purpose such is – thieves try to steal, for example, 20 million dollars protected by agents of safety in well strengthened bunker, and then thieves have to carry the sum on in advance stipulated place.

Scenario 5. Delivery of "valuable freight"

One more rather interesting scenario of a paintball to which it is worth paying attention too. In this case from players two teams are formed. One – team of capture, another – rescue team. The rescue team loses one person who will be "pilot". The box which will be "valuable freight" is provided to the pilot. The pilot is armed with the gun with 10 balls, can take weapon from prostrate players of rescue team. The pilot also knows where there are both teams where their base. Rescuers and team of capture know nothing about the position of the pilot. The purpose of this game – to deliver valuable freight to base of rescuers. If nevertheless the pilot perishes, then he leaves valuable freight on that place where he was struck, at the same time freight can be lifted and delivered by any member of team of rescuers. The purpose of group of capture – to find the pilot, to take freight and to bring him to itself to base.

Scenario 6. Deduction of a fort

Players are divided into two equal teams. At the beginning of play of the team are in equidistanted from a common goal (the bridge, the bunker, etc.) points (bases). Each team will try to take and hold the purpose during the stipulated time (for example 5 minutes). The struck player comes back to the starting base where from him erase defeat, and enters a game again. On starting base it is authorized to fill spheres.

Scenario 7. God!

Players are divided into two teams. In this game there have to be borders. Any of teams can't cross the center line (the approximate line of the shelters located in the center) or to leave the field. If you are struck, it is necessary to lift your marker and to come back to starting base, and then – back to a game. A game continues about 10-15 minutes or to the last ball. The game purpose – to strike as the bigger number of opponents is possible.

Games "everyone for himself"

Top Gun

Players start with the opposite ends of the field, the last escaped player wins. It is possible to arrange on the platform several flags, then the player who has collected more than flags will win. Players start with a midfield on the first signal. In a minute the second signal allowing firing is given. (Option: players start with different corners of the field, the signal is given one). In the elementary case becomes the winner last escaped. At a game with several flags the player who has collected the greatest number of flags wins. There is an option at which the struck player is marked out at the judge and again joins the game. The one who has received the smallest number of defeats for the allowed time wins.


Each player has a bandage. The player who has struck other player takes away his bandage to himself ("trophy"). After time of a game that from the remained players wins who have more "trophies".

Clear advantage

Choose one player who is given so many spheres how many for him it is necessary (or more skorostrelny marker, than the rest is given). In the first case of other players limit in number of spheres (20). It is allowed to the loner player in 5 minutes prior to the general start to leave in the field to take a position. The game is played for time or before defeat of the player.

The Variation of paintball games

In a paintball the set of variations to which it is possible to add something new is possible. On some platforms there are small cities for battles with small forts (wooden houses on the earth) and bunkers. On some there are cemeteries with the big imitations of tombstones scattered across the field. There are even night games which are played with devices of night vision. There are also huge fields which have grown with a high grass with limited visibility.

Predators and hunters

Four predators release in the wood and allow them to hide. Other part of team moves off in their searches. If the predator is killed, he leaves a game and leaves. But if the predator kills the hunter, the second becomes a new predator. Thus, the game purpose for a predator – to increase the number, and the purpose of hunters – to kill all predators. A game undertakes an unexpected turn if hunters don't be registered at the judge to become a predator. Everything that has to make a predator, is to kill several hunters behind group and to watch how they open fire at players of own team, turning in predators. However it can lead to violations so it is better that new predators were registered at judges before returning to a game.

Hunting for rabbits

One rabbit hides in the big wood, and the group of other players (hunters) has to kill him.

Release of the hostage.

One team has to save the hostage from other team and return him "home" to safe.

Murder of the commander

Each team has to beat out the leader of other team. And everyone has to protect the leader. A game is more interesting if from each party there is a traitor. One player plays a role of the traitor who can attack the team. As a rule, "traitor" is appointed by the referee. But addition of traitors makes a game of more tangled.

Occupation of prison

Two players play roles of prisoners and are locked on base. Outside of several security guards. Prisoners can leave only through the designated exit. Security guards guard this exit. Friends of prisoners settle down on perimeter and want to release them. Prisoners have no weapon, at security guards is. The team of prisoners can't shoot at protection until those begin to shoot at prisoners. The purpose of a game is in releasing prisoners and to lose nobody. Security guards win if they kill somebody.


It is a good game for end of game day. At several terminators (2 or 3) on a breast the cross of X is pasted. To beat out these players, you have to get to the center X. Terminators try to beat out 20 other players. It is also possible to add the requirement that Terminators needed to get once to X on breasts and once in X on a back.

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